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Welcome all MAXSTAX fans! Read through our listing of Frequently Asked Questions and if we’ve missed anything, please leave us a message via email or telephone and one of our customer care representatives will respond to your query as soon as possible.

MaxStax Gaming Frequently Asked Questions
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The stars represent stacking difficulty.
White star: Less difficult
Silver star: More difficult
Black star: Most difficult

The number represents how many BLOX are used to build the STAX.
6: Six BLOX
8: Eight BLOX
12: Twelve BLOX

Due to the possibility of loose wooden fragments being produced, resulting in potential choking hazards, we strongly recommend that children under the age of three not be permitted to play with MAXSTAX wooden BLOX. Parental discretion is advised and encouraged.

All MAXSTAX wooden BLOX are handcrafted and absent of artificial stains, chemicals or preservatives. Stackers can feel secure in knowing that every time they use our BLOX, it’s like handling a piece of nature.

MAXSTAX products are sold exclusively online through the MAXSTAX website. Any and all purchases are made on our Shop page by adding items to your digital shopping cart before heading over to checkout. Click on the Shop tab now and browse our collection of fun and exciting products. You’ll be glad you dropped in.

At present, we only ship our physical block stacking kits and MAXSTAX Merchandise to destinations located within Canada and the United States of America. We hope to expand our shipping network globally in the near future.

Our shipping partners are safely working to ensure that your purchased products arrive at their Canadian and American destinations in a timely manner. Typically, standard shipping times take between 3 to 15 business days; however, projected timeframes are subject to change, dependent upon variables associated with the unpredictable nature of COVID-19 and its impact on shipment efficiency.

The answer is YES! In fact, we encourage customers to purchase both kits and have them shipped at the same time. To play SKYSTAX, the 24 wooden BLOX from its Expansion Kit are combined with the 48 wooden BLOX from the MAXSTAX Base Kit, allowing advanced Stackers to take their STAX to the next level.

Individual cases of customers requesting an exchange or refund are carefully evaluated by ROTREE CORP. During our investigative process, ROTREE CORP. customer care representatives, acting on behalf of the company, will adhere to ROTREE CORPs strict exchange and returns policy as a guide to inform and hopefully resolve a customer’s request. All requests go through our Inspection Review Process, which is outlined under the Exchange or Refund Notice in our Terms and Conditions of Use document.

We do not sell individual replacement wooden BLOX. We do sell individual replacement Stacker Card Decks, which can be purchased separately on the shop page at Additional taxes and shipping charges apply.

All applicable taxes and shipping costs are not included in the retail sales prices of MAXSTAX products. Such fees are the financial responsibility of customers and we’ll do our best to ensure said costs are minimized as much as possible.

*Certain order combinations may qualify for FREE shipping, according to number of items purchased, total shipment weight, and geographic region/destination.

We do not store the billing or shipping information of our customers or clients. After a transaction has been processed and approved, any and all information provided will not be recorded or used for promotional or marketing purposes. Your online safety and security is of the utmost importance to us and we do our best to ensure that all necessary steps are followed to protect your interests.

We certainly offer our customers discounted rates, based on several variables. High volume orders and intended use of products are just a couple of factors that could impact product pricing. Contact us and we’d be more than happy to discuss how possible discounts could be applied to specific orders.


"Stacking blocks are a fundamental educational resource in any kindergarten or primary classroom. MAXSTAX has changed the way I teach and the way my students learn!"
Rachael M.
"MAXSTAX is a game that can be played anywhere. I just love how the wood feels and smells. It totally takes me back to sitting around the campfire with my family on our summer camping trips."
Ben A.
"I was surprised at how quickly time passed the first time I played MAXSTAX with my children. We should’ve started earlier in the evening because things didn’t wrap up until well after bedtime."
Evan W.
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