Our Mission is to provide the ultimate block stacking game experience by daring Stackers of all ages to compete and reach for new heights through a series of exciting challenges.

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"I was intimidated to try MAXSTAX at first because of my visual impairment. But once I got my hands on the BLOX, I could feel how they fit together and if they were properly balanced. Anyone can enjoy this game!"
Carol H.
"MAXSTAX is a game that belongs in schools everywhere because students can apply concepts they’ve learned in a hands-on way. Teachers will definitely appreciate having this as a key educational tool in their classrooms."
Patricia C.
There’s a lot to be said about a physical game that holds my kids’ attention the way video games do. It’s so refreshing to just watch them laugh with each other the same way that my siblings and I did when we were their age."
Katelyn G.
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